Own Brand

Regardless of whether you are a youtuber, blogger, rapper or maybe you come from
a completely different climate for which you are inspired to create your own brand
We will gladly take care of it and help you create your first collection. We'll take care of it
your brand from A to Z.
Own clothing brand is a dream of many people and a plan for life and business. However, before her
assumption should take into account several key issues that will allow us to specifically
specify your brand, because it is important what group of people it will be under
what the concept of the brand will be, what the name will consist of, we also need to decide
take care of the logo and motto and what products will be available in our store assortment.

Adrenalina sewing room is a team of qualified seamstresses and ambitious people with
ideas who like challenges. We approach each client individually and
professionally. We help you to realize every idea and your dreams. IN
on many issues, starting from the idea through graphic design, creation
templates, sewing prototypes, ending with decorating, labeling, packaging and
product photography as well as quality control of your clothing. We take care of the smallest details.
We are happy to establish cooperation with newly established brands and people with
plans to open his own clothing brand.
Our motto: Got an idea? We will be happy to implement it for you!
We have a modern park of sewing machines and machines for decorating clothes.
We cooperate with renowned suppliers of knitwear and fabrics as well as manufacturing companies
clothing emblems. We can prepare a premium class knitwear for you,
in terms of composition and weight. Properly colored and refined with many
processes, using specialized machines and appropriate means, is aimed at
improvement, among others gloss of fabrics, giving them greater resistance or improving their softness,
which gives the knitwear originality and uniqueness. We have modern programs for
clothing design, we can create a unique cut for your brand.
We specialize in e.g. casual and sportswear.
If you have any questions or doubts, we are always here to help and support you.