T-SHIRTS – this is the perfect attribute to express attachment to your colors or climate
where you come from, you can also advertise your business. There are actually many
possibilities, T-shirts are made of cotton, cotton with elastane and polyester. prints
we can use to decorate t-shirts with screen printing, computer embroidery, dtg/dtf, flex/flock foil
(this applies to cotton and cotton with elastane) and polyester by the standard method of sublimation.
T-shirts that we sew are characterized by looseness and freedom in their style of use,
we have many templates for t-shirts from tight that will emphasize the figure to oversize
slightly looser. With us, everyone will find something for themselves.

POLO SHIRTS – an elegant piece of clothing in a sporty style, regardless of age, for years are popular. We make the polo shirts in a slim fit version, which are perfect fitted to the silhouette as well as a slightly looser cut in the regular version. Possibility of dyeing
sleeves and welts according to the customer specification, we usually decorate the halves with
embroidery but it is possible to perform screen printing, dtg / dtf or flex / flock foil.

TANK TOPS – perfect for the gym and various types of training, they will also work during hot days. Strongly profiled will emphasize your figure ensuring maximum
freedom of movement during sports. In our assortment you will find models classic, body-hugging and looser tank tops. A large range of designs will allow you adjust the shirt to your needs. Our offer includes cotton tank tops decorated with screen printing, dtg/dtf and sublimated polyester.

LONGSLEVE – ideal as everyday clothing, but it can also be used
during increased physical activity. In our offer you will find cotton
longsleeve with the addition of elastane, which perfectly adheres to the body and emphasizes the figure.
Longsleve ensures maximum freedom of movement and allows you to feel comfortable in each
situation. Silkscreen longsleeve marking, computer embroidery, dtg/dtf, flex/flock foil.

HOODIES– we make in different weights, thinner loop knitwear for the season spring/summer and thicker brushed fabric for cooler days. Possibility of dyeing
knitwear according to the pantone palette. In our offer you will find classic sweatshirts, sweatshirts with
hood (with and without pockets), with a hood with a zip, a stand-up collar with a zip and a ¾ stand-up
Decoration methods include screen printing, computer embroidery, dtg/dtf, flex/flock foil. We have cuts
blouses fitted to the figure as looser. Sweatshirts are perfect for people who value sports
lifestyle, but also perfectly combine with elegant elements of the wardrobe. Our sweatshirts
has a long service life.

SHORTS – in our offer you will find shorts intended for training and for
everyday use. The shorts have a comfortable cut that allows you to move freely
while wearing and exercising. They are made of high-quality material,
which is pleasant to the touch. Our offer includes decorated cotton shorts
by screen printing, computer embroidery, dtg/dtf. Swim shorts are made of
polyester material, decorated by sublimation. Polyester sports shorts-
decorated with the sublimation method.

CUPS – due to the high-quality polymer coating, they tolerate washing in
dishwashers. The mugs are made by sublimation with a capacity of 330 ml. Cups with your own are an excellent promotional tool, as well as a sensational gift.
It is a gadget that pleases the eye and at the same time plays a useful role.

WINTER HATS – our offer includes thin cotton hats with the addition of elastane
thanks to which they perfectly match the shape of the head. It will be great during training
as well as every day. Decoration methods include screen printing, dtg/dtf. We also produce thick warm
hats made of pleasant to the touch acrylic for colder days, decorated with embroidery
computerized and embroidered patches. Thanks to the universal size, everyone with ease
perfectly fits the cap to your head.

Balaclava – maintains its shape and appearance, thanks to flexibility and stretch
of the material used, they adhere very well to the head. Balaclavas are made of
light and breathable material, fully ensuring anonymity. Overprint we make using the sublimation method, the bottom of the balaclava as well as the eyes trimmed with
trimming. Balaclava takes up little space, so you can put it in your pocket. In addition, the material is covered
is antibacterial silver ions, which guarantees maximum hygiene and protects against
formation of unpleasant odors.

ADVERTISING LANYARDS – Our advertising lanyards are made of high quality ribbons, sublimation printing. Components such as carabiners, buckles, safety connectors, we can match plastic as well as metal. The leash is perfect a gadget to distinguish your company, we print on one or both sides, we also offer
lanyards under the sewing, we can attach a tip with a phone holder to the lanyard,
fast delivery time, perfect for promoting your company, gift or free shopping.

TOWELS – we make both loop and smooth microfiber. Perfect for people active in sports or relaxing by the water. We mostly do in size 70x140cm using the sublimation method, we print one-sided and two-sided
partly. The towels are very absorbent and dry quickly.

PENNGANTS – printed on both sides using the sublimation method, stiffened with a special one cartridge, we offer pennants in various sizes and shapes with any graphics. Hung on a string or chain, they are decorated with fringes. They are original club and advertising souvenirs.

PILLOWS – jasiek type pillows with prints presented in our offer are the highest
quality products and an excellent choice for several reasons. They are visually attractive, they are
a stylish decorative element of any interior, and are also a practical accessory that
provides comfort and convenience while resting. In addition, these types of accessories are
perfect gift idea. Filled with a silicone ball, made of polyester material
the print is made by sublimation. The pillows have a zipper so you can put them on
freely washable, size 40x40cm.

BAG / BACKPACKS – made of polyester material, decorated with the sublimation method.
They have polypropylene strings (very strong and durable) so they can be used
as backpacks. They are ideal as school bags, training bags or for use daily. We sew bags in the size of 45cmx35cm, but we can also sew them on request make another dimension. At the bottom, we mount metal wheels as well as tapes that are used for strings fastening.

SWEAT PANTS – are the perfect complement to everyday wardrobe, and the cut of the pants ensures
comfort in everyday use. Our offer includes fitted type trousers
joggers and slightly wider cuts. Sweatpants are not used exclusively today
by athletes. The popularity of tracksuit clothes has made them appear in our store
everyday style. All types of trousers have a rubber elastic waistband and a drawstring
thanks to which you can freely adjust the waist, they can also be equipped with pockets for
ZIP fastener. Trousers are decorated with methods such as screen printing, dtg / dtf, computer embroidery
or win the case of polyester trousers by sublimation.

RASHGUARD – these are thermo active shirts designed for martial arts and athletes
not only. They will also work well during various types of functional training.
Thanks to the admixture of spandex and elastane, the rashguard adheres perfectly to the body and not
restricts movements. The best quality breathable material allows the skin to breathe and
wicks sweat away. It has flat seams so it doesn't cause chafing
quick-drying, lightweight material with silver ions has antibacterial protection.
Indelible prints are made by sublimation.

TEXTILE BANNER / FLAG – is a high-quality large-format printing on fabrics
polyester, thanks to its low weight and strong weave, offers a lightweight but durable
banner. In addition, the material used can be washed at low temperatures, it can be washed exhibit indoors and outdoors. Banners can also be
used for the production of flags, they can be eyeleted and hemmed around. you will print on them any element of their choice: company logotype, motto, advertised product and much more. The textile banner can be freely folded, which makes it easy to store and ensures an aesthetic appearance for a long time of advertising use.

SETS OF SWEATSHIRT – they will prove themselves not only during training but also on a daily basis.
We make them from polyester and cotton in perfectly matched cuts. On tracksuits
polyester, the possibility of any printing using the sublimation method, the method of printing on cotton,
screen printing, dtg/dtf, flex/flock foil and computer embroidery. Universal tracksuits are sewn from
soft material that does not restrict movement and does not restrict freedom. Practical clothes
it does not hurt and is very comfortable to wear. The tracksuit set consists of two parts,
long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. The sweatshirt can be worn by
head, with a hood or with a zipper.

FLEECES – which we sew in our sewing room, provide adequate thermal comfort. They are light, nice
to the touch and their comfortable cut will ensure freedom of movement. The unbuttoned style will work
as outer layer on warmer days or as a warming middle layer under a jacket when you will need extra
protection from the cold.
The stand-up collar will additionally protect you from the cold. They are extremely comfortable, they
provide thermal comfort, can be equipped with external pockets. An added plus to this
material is relatively low price compared to the properties, respond well to
temperature and humidity changes, adapt to the body, are flexible and resistant to
creases, dry quickly, are durable. Fleeces are decorated with the computer embroidery method
and embroidered patches.

JACKETS – kangaroo type are made of high quality nylon or fabric
rain and wind resistant polyester. The whole is lined with a light polyester mesh,
it is distinguished by its durability, lightness and quick-drying properties. We decorate
mostly computer embroidery and embroidered patches.

Bomber baseball jackets are comfortable, versatile and perfect as
outerwear both during cooler summer evenings, as well as as
autumn jacket. Baseball caps feature a zip fastening, cut to the waist,
ribbing around the waist as well as cuffs and collar. The decoration method is computer embroidery
and embroidered patches.

MINI T-SHIRTS – car replicas of club shirts, included
hanger with a suction cup, thanks to which it is possible to mount it to the glass, the gadget itself
once for a fan. They are made of polyester knitted fabric by sublimation.